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Need to add another deck of Girl Genius: The Funvelope is a pack of great Girl Genius: The Works freebies including:. You can read more details about these elements in Update You can also add three of these items individually, if you wish. The promo cards are only in the Funvelope. This accessory helps you handle the cards easily, and helps keep them in place.

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We've never made a playmat before, but this game truly deserves one, and we really enjoy playing with our prototypes! Learn more about the play mat in Update 2.


The Island of Doctor Lucky: Learn more about this new standalone game in Update 8. Crafted of responsibly sourced wenge, with hardwood splines, the deck box has room for all four decks sleeved , along with a fifth compartment for promo cards, lose-a-turn cards, and other goodies.

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Some of the game rules are the same, and others will change.

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  • We expect many great things from this new edition of Girl Genius: Thanks for your participation and your support, and thanks for playing Cheapass Games! This is our eleventh Kickstarter campaign and also one of our simplest ever in terms of manufacturing. We have printed many, many card games and we are still using our favorite production facility.

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    Including global perspectives and coverage of cutting-edge research, this is the only textbook to deal exclusively with girls and crime Offers expanded coverage of girls in gangs and emerging literature on the sexual trafficking of girls Pulls together and analyzes all existing literature on the subject of female delinquency Brings to light new research on a wide range of issues, including the conditions of confinement for girls incarcerated in juvenile jails and prisons, Latina girls, and gender responsive programming Explores the moral panic around "violent," "bad," and "mean" girls.

    He is the author or co-author of 15 books. He is co-editor of the online Justice Policy Journal.

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    Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. Table of contents Preface to the Fourth Edition x 1 Introduction: Why a Book on Girls and Juvenile Justice? Do They Apply to Girls?