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Almost nothing is known of this culture a fact that serves to enhance its mysterious appeal. Handlungs- und produktionsorientierter Zugang zu Lyrik in der Grundschule. Beispiele in einer 3. Klasse German Edition , Bay of Alghero , convent , Eileen Barish , italy , Lido Beach , monastery , Monastery Lodging , monastery stays , monastery vacations , monk , nun , nuragic civilization , Intangibles.

Tuscany's monasteries welcome visitors without any religious obligation. In addition to the well-known cities of Florence, Pisa, Siena and Cortona, there are dozens upon dozens of intriguing villages and hamlets that bring you in touch with Italian culture, art, history, architecture, food and people.

From forests, to mountaintops, to great cities and small hamlets, there are dozens of monasteries to choose from in the beautiful region of Tuscany. Intriguing places that bring you in touch with Italian culture, art, history, architecture, food, wine and the Italian locals.

Mount Amiata is a holiday resort region offering hiking, horseback riding and cultural entertainment in the summer, skiing in the winter. Nearby Abbadia San Salvatore resides in a boulder-strewn setting. Gothic and Renaissance style buildings of dark gray stone enrich the distinctive medieval ambience of the old town. In an unusual landscape of clay and limestone hillsides, 14th century Sienese walls still surround part of the small medieval town of Asciano. Elegant cypress trees and farmhouses add a quaint touch to the setting. Another monastery is in a small town in the heart of the Casentino region.

The dense woodland harbors towering silver fir, centuries-old beech, mountain maple and European aspen. Monasteries can be found in coastal locations, hilltop villages and major cities like Florence. Gute Freunde waren Russland und die Nato nie. Jetzt spukt das Gespenst eines neuen Kalten Es drohte dann ein zweiter Kalter Krieg. Die Bundesregierung hat in der Allianz stets darauf Jets sollten von der Autobahn ihre Angriffe fliegen. Von der Idee verabschiedete man German words that begin with k.

German words that begin with ka. Put some struts on.

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I put some struts today. So that when you get a gun that you have something to hold them up, you know. But remember one thing: Mai bleibt Corner College geschlossen. Corner College and Motto Distribution cordially invite you to an evening dedicated to www. As a case study, Payam Sharifi of www. The first installment of this project discusses the Islamic Revolution in Tehran in via monobrows, modernism and mirrors Before and After Breath A suite of five prints resulting from pre carbon, and circa tungsten filament light bulbs, stamped on carbon paper, with a fifty ton industrial press.

Summer School presents readings, lectures, and films composed as a remedial Art theory class and is organized in a spirit of "each one, teach one" - Antoni Wojtyra will act as lead organizer, a guide, instigator and as a student learning, not just a teacher.

The 7 week course employs a collection Art and theory by artists and primarily address 2 major issues: Texts will be read by each student in advance and will be discussed together as a group and supplemented by films, and invited guest teachers. The first class addresses the impossibility of learning and knowing everything and it will be held on Tuesday July 7, 7 p. All subsequent classes will be held on Tuesday evenings schedule below.

A nominal CHF Program 1 Tuesday July 7, 7 p. Introduction, Sign-up and get together -- Film: Entsprechend dem Vortragsort wird dabei der Schwerpunkt auf dem Spielobjekt Schweizer Provenienz liegen. Buchvernissage Work to do! Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen: Ergebnisse und Skizzen zu den Projekten sind in dieser Publikation zusammen gefasst: Ausstellung Go With The Guts - - -. All prints are made from either one of the traditional printmaking techniques such as: During the exhibition period at Corner College, there will also be a screening, an excursion and a workshop.

The Print Renaissance of the 60's 57min. Exkursion Go With The Guts - - -. Workshop Go With The Guts - - -. In the context of the exhibition Go With The Guts, Corner College organises a visit to the lithography studio of Thomas Wolfensberger, where he will explain the whole lithographic technique by offering a 2-hour workshop. Jahrhunderts anhand der Entwicklung von der Beichte zur Therapie.

Ein Haufen Haare Zwischenstufe , Theory Tuesdays is a participatory reading group organized in the spirit of "each one, teach one. At the conclusion of the fifth week, the reading schedule will be open to the individual members of the group, to decide what to read and discuss in the following weeks. Active participation by all members is essential as Theory Tuesdays sets out to be a collaborative, ongoing discussion, where everyone will contribute, teach and learn from one another.

The first two Tuesdays will address the historical lineage of participation in art as well as a detailed glimpse into Happenings in New York in the late s and early s. The first session will be held on Tuesday, Oktober 6 at 7 p. All subsequent sessions will be held on Tuesday evenings at 7 p. Tuesday, Oktober 6, 7 p. Sign-up and Introduction Text: Tuesday, Oktober 13, 7 p. Tuesday, Oktober 20, 7 p. Tuesday, Oktober 27, 7 p. Cascoland "Interventions in Public Space" Week 5: Tuesday, November 3, 7 p.

Tuesday, November 10, 7 p. Saskia de Brauw NL. Lars Bang Larsen "Social Aesthetics". Performance Experimental Reading by Lucie Kolb - - -. As a part of the opening of the online exhibition: The Voice and its Double http: Cascoland "Interventions in Public Space". Von den Machern des Filmklassikers "King Kong". Saskia de Brauw is a performance artist, dancer, and photographer living and working in Amsterdam. She has completed multiple projects investigating the body in relation to architectural space, community and time. Participation has played an important role in her projects, ranging from a one on one folding project on the streets of Paris to collaborating with a small community in Amersfoort, Netherlands.

This event is hosted and sponsored by Theory Tuesdays. The Situationist International " Documentary Film: Viel wichtiger war ihnen, ein paar Dinge mit dem Buch voranzutreiben. Es liest sich deshalb eher wie eine Mitschrift der laufenden Produktion. Entstanden ist so eine Reflexion im Medium: Structural repetition in US-American avant-garde and experimental music around was considered a taboo: Cageian open forms as well as serial twelve-tone rows clearly forbade it. Terry Riley, Studio Session, Copenhagen, It was Terry Riley who started to work with looping and delay techniques offered by the tape recorder, first present in the tape collage Mescalin Mix With In C , these techniques are transferred to the instrumental work, an abstract move between two ontologically distinct realms: Its impact is integral to the understanding of the later American musical minimalism, including the works of Steve Reich and Philip Glass.

Excerpts from "Lipstick Traces: Die Bilder, nur lose durch eine Banderole und einen Innenkarton zusammengehalten, laden zur Kreation eigener Seitenabfolgen ein. Die offene Form hinterfragt das typische Merkmal der Buchbindung und derer linearen Seitenabfolge. Join the event on Facebook. The typeface will be presented on posters: Mit DJ Renato Renato back in town! One-Day Publishing Fair 2. It presents graphic works by Zak Kyes and Metahaven.

Around the same time in , both exhibitions were concerned in different ways with imaginary merged cities as a phenomenon of globalization. The works of Metahaven and Zak Kyes deal with the potentials of visual communication in the representation of such cities as well as with the possibility of graphic critiques of strategies for urban marketing and its image politics. Duration of the exhibition: Exhibition opening and "Salon de Recherche": Kino Stage of Desire - - -. If a store clerk gave me too much change, Ausstellung Fair Value - - -. Was sich durchsetzt, bestimmten die TeilnehmerInnen selbst.

In der am 9. Die Ausstellung zeigt neben den Kunstwerken auch die Bewertungskriterien und den Projektverlauf. Die Bewertungsmaschinerie wird zum anschaulichen und unterhaltsamen Ausstellungsgegenstand. Between the different works of Falke Pisano's series "Figures of Speech" there is a circulation and exchange of language, ideas and forms. A transfer from one work to another often involving a change of status, a reflection within a different context or a further elaboration on an idea.

Several formulations come back in different works; formulations of ideas for works become works; descriptions of works are used in preceding or following works and there is an exchange between descriptive or explanatory texts about the work and the work itself. Falke Pisano's work proceeds primarily from an interest in the constructive potential of thought and the possibilities of constructing and solving problems in the field of language by using an analytical and documentary approach in her exploration of the relationship between language and image in order to rethink the position of art today.

Through her work with language Falke Pisano activates different features characteristic of it - allowing her to explore multiple presentation forms: Salon de Recherche About the medial representation of the city Virtual, cartographic, diagrammatic, processual - - -. Toward A Coming Universality" by T. Selected writings of Hal Foster: Excerpts from "Design and Crime" Hal Foster. The White Cube and The Studio 1. Nur "hochwertige" Skulpturen verdienen es, die Passantinnen und Passanten weiter zu erfreuen.

Man kann dies einfach konstatieren oder wieder polemisch formulieren: The Topic and the Book 2. A Polemic Migrants of Identity. Daraus ergeben sich eine Reihe von Fragen, denen ich in meinem Vortrag nachgehen werde. Was war der Kern der Ausstellung von ? Wie unterscheiden sich die beiden Publikationen? Beginning from March to June Corner College has co-organised and co-hostsed a bookstore offering a wide selection of books, magazines and artists' publications provided by Motto Berlin. Incomplete Open Cubes Conceptual Art. Vortrag An die Wand! War die politische Wandmalerei zu subversiv?

Die gestalterischen Experimente sind teilweise spielerisch angelegt und teilweise durch schweres Scheitern gekennzeichnet. Oboe Dank an Holzpunkt AG www.

MORTAL ENGINES Exklusiver Clip & Trailer German Deutsch (2018) Krieg der Städte

This we see as a significant factor - it means we are not subordinate to any erratic publisher or advertiser. The purpose of Komfort Mag is to reverse the traditional idea of a magazine, as something which relies mainly on text. Words are not enough to describe it.

Routledge Revivals: The Letters and Private Papers of by Edgar F. Harden PDF

Komfort mag is available in several shops abroad, e. We are going to introduce the whole project itself and particularly the latest issue which has been finished recently. The evening takes place in the presence of the producers of Komfort: Insbesondere Logos und Markenzeichen, Signets und Embleme gehen ihm auf den Leim, von Finanzinstituten und Hilfswerken, von Sportartikelherstellern und Lebensmittelketten.

Filz und Gewebe, Patchwork und Stickerei, eine nomadische und eine sesshafte Kunst: Der Vortrag wird die Konzeption von Deleuze und Guattari nachzeichnen. Kino After Effect Stephan Geene. Eine Liebesgeschichte, die auf der Stelle tritt. Und das irgendwo zwischen Kunst, kulturellem Kapital, Marketing. After Effect, D , 75 Min. Junge, international schon fett angesagte Kreative sind dort zusammen gekommen, um Kunst, Kampagnen, oder irgendetwas dazwischen zu entwickeln.

Rena Yazka ist die eigentliche Queen der Kreativen, glaubt, nur das zu tun, was sie auch tun will. Kais und Renas Begegnung ist durchkreuzt vom Schwebezustand zwischen Arbeit und Leben, in dem sich alle befinden. White Dog - - -. Though the animal seems friendly and protective at first, it soon reveals a startling aspect of its nature: Facing the possibility that her pet might be euthanized for the safety of the public, Julie takes the dog to Noah's Ark, a facility that specializes in training animals for movies.

She begs the facility operator Mr. Carruthers Burl Ives to break her dog of its racist attack training, but he insists it is not possible. However, his top trainer, Keys Paul Winfield believes he can break the dog and takes on the task as a personal challenge. But Keys himself is African-American, meaning every training session is literally a life and death struggle.

White Dog This event, part of Ich Tier! Du Mensch — Du Tier! Ich Mensch , is recommended by Flo Maak, participating artist in the exhibtion. It met with censorship and "was almost never shown in the movie theater, because it was considered racist even though it is an anti-racist film. Bar and small talk at Perla-Mode White Dog, by Samuel Fuller, Kino Emilie Deleuze - Mister V.

Nicht das Pferd wird darin domestiziert, sondern der Mann verwildert zum Tier. Bar and small talk at Perla-Mode in the context of Ich Tier! Ich Mensch 9 pm: Humandog This event, part of Ich Tier! Ich Mensch , is curated by Dimitrina Sevova. Based on ideas inspired from her involvement in an Animal Studies group, Judith Jack Halberstam will discuss human-animal bonds, intimacies and antagonisms, about animal forms of sociality and cross species desires among other things. On the website of "Ich Tier! Ich Mensch " you will find an interview with Prof. Professor Judith Jack Halberstam Photo: Mathias Danbolt See also some of Judith Halberstam's published texts on related topics: Designers, Artists, Professionals" by Camiel van Winkel.

Five Lands

Mehr Infos unter http: Streetart muss kuratiert werden Philipp Meier. Streetart ist keine Kunst. Ausserhalb von Museen und Galerien. Weder im offiziellen noch im inoffiziellen Kunstdiskurs. Deshalb muss Streetart kuratiert werden Aesthesen. Hungry for Antropophagy "Abaporu" the antropophagic emblem. Joe Scanlan on the art of Felix Gonzalez-Torres" kann unter theorytuesdays gmail. Ian Rodney Wooldridge, a British filmmaker based in London and currently working in Zurich, will screen four recent works: The movement in the film and the strategies applied to the edit form were developed with a disjointed wit from the swing of a pendulum and ideas around the pendulum's hypnotic powers.

A fifth, core element that represents the physical pendulum is a sculpture by the Artist Rich Gasper. Tourre's work explores community, spirituality, and the folkier aspects of culture while highlighting participation and DIY culture as critical components to his art-making. Unit 2 Website http: Es folgte ein Massaker an den Studierenden und eine Verhaftungswelle.

Vielmehr macht sie in ihren Arbeiten die zeitliche Distanz der Aussenstehenden deutlich und zeigt die Verstrickungen des Individuums in den historischen Begebenheiten sowie deren Idealvorstellungen von Gemeinschaft, die an der herrschenden politischen Situation zerschellten. Generosity and Exchange in Recent Art". Berkeley the circling dog" Two dogs sit in a room, furnished by a nurturing hand cut flowers, floral curtains, labelled storage pots. His ears hang down, as do the corners of his mouth and the brow above the eyes that stare desperately into an unseen space. Sie wird eine Video-Installation zeigen.

Sie ist aber ebenso eine Feststellung, die auf der Beobachtung basiert, dass heute immer mehr kleinere Verlage im Kunstbereich entstehen. Die Druckerzeugnisse, die nicht durchwegs die Form eines Buches tragen, unterlaufen die Lesegewohnheiten einer breiten Leserschaft: Irritationen und Umwege beim Lesekonsum sind also vorprogrammiert. Die Vergangenheit steht hoch im Kurs der Gegenwart. Das tat sie bereits in hochmodernen Zeiten, zu Beginn des letzten Jahrhunderts, als 'das Neue' noch offen angesteuert wurde und die Vergangenheit als Abstossungspunkt herhalten musste.

Heute scheint die Vergangenheit der Gegenwart den Rang abgelaufen zu haben, scheint die Bewegung sich umgekehrt zu haben. Immer schon lag im Kern der institutionskritischen Kunst die Recherche. Begleitend werden Diskussionen und Begehungen stattfinden. Nach einer turbulenten und bewegenden Geschichte hat sich der RecRec Laden erhalten und unter der Leitung von Veit Stauffer zu einem Knotenpunkt verdichteten musikalischen Wissens entwickelt. Anhand dieses Fallbeispiels soll dargestellt werden, wie schwierig es sein kann beides mit einem Projekt leisten zu wollen: Beat Wyss Text 1: Manchmal fragen wir uns jedoch, wie jemand auf die Idee kam, etwas genau so zu tun und nicht anders.

Was stand am Anfang? Eine Eingebung, ein Auftrag? Wie ging es weiter, wer war beteiligt? Dabei steht der ganz konkrete Arbeitsablauf im Vordergrund. The Conspiracy of Art Text: Recherche souvereines undressed Chuck Morris. Dabei interessiert eine zentrale Frage: Kann Nacktheit als Maske operieren?

Ein Abend, an dem auch durchaus nichts passieren kann. Sie lebt und arbeitet als Sozialarbeiterin im Sozialraum Langstrasse und ist Mitglied des Kollektivs stadtlabor, welches Wohn- und Stadtentwicklungsfragen thematisiert. Jana Stepanova Philip Matesic. In her work, Jana often subverts social reality, control and system as well as commonly accepted values by releasing fake websites, magazines or creating fake identities. By engaging local families she explores the Norms and Normatives regulating the society.

Die Diskussion geht der Frage nach: Welches ist der beste Namen und wieso? Gespielt wird von 19 bis 21 Uhr. Zugleich fehlt auch eine Instanz, welche einzelne Werke voneinander abgrenzt oder einordnet. Wie wirken sich diese Faktoren auf die Produktion und Rezeption aus? Wie kann sich Urban Art gegen Vereinnahmung wehren; wie kann sie etwas bewirken? Wie geht die Kunstwissenschaft damit um? Viele Arbeiten sind unscheinbar oder versteckt. The Digital Folklore Reader Text: Er lebt und arbeitet als freier Produzent in Wien. Die Lecture-Performance befasst sich mit Esther Ernsts stetig wachsender Karteikartensammlung "wo ich war".

Wie ist das zu verstehen? Und welche Kriterien sollen dabei gelten. Inhaltlich will diese Veranstaltung an die Aesthese Nr. This Theory Tuesdays session will focus on examples of commons-based peer production, their common characteristics, and how and why it is important to assess the value of individual contributions. Und Frank Hesse Frank Hesse: Waren diese Positionen aber wirklich so klar, so stark?

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  • Seeker of The Truth: Shades of Gray (Its All Connected: How God Works For All Religions Book 1).

Und was sind heute die Positionen? Aus den Schweizer Graphischen Mitteilungen, Nr. Beide zeichnen sich durch ihre Kenntnisse der Geschichte der Grafik aus und werden auch die heutige Situation einzuordnen wissen. Im Workshop wird eine Sichtung von Trends und Positionen vorgenommen und diskutiert. Anmeldung bis zum Schweiz-kritische Stimmen waren somit definitiv nicht mehr gefragt. Wie betrachten wir diese Zeit heute? So einfach ist es sicherlich nicht.

Aber zwischen einem Hausbesitzer, einem Street Artist und einem Kurator sind die Meinungen ebenso unterschiedlich wie zwischen den Techniken, die zur Anwendung kommen. Und umgekehrt, wie simpel kann ein Layout sein, dass es uns nicht langweilt, und man den Text doch noch lesen will? Wo finden sich Details, die noch heute progressiv sind, was beeindruckt an der Gestaltung der er? Was empfinden wir heute als lesbar? Wie er dabei vorgeht, wie er seine Auswahl gestaltet und welche Datenbanken und Kategorien ihm dabei helfen, stellt er in einem Referat kurz vor.

Er fasst sein Projekt kurz zusammen und stellt es in den Kontext der Ausstellung und des Wettbewerbs. Fotografie im Buch war schon immer ein beliebtes Genre. In den er Jahren haben einige Schweizer Fotopioniere sich dem Buch gewidmet, solche sind in der Ausstellung zu sehen. Parrot chuckle, cackle Poetry and sculpture. Can it be, that to a certain extent, poetry and sculpture always speak of their own premises?

The gap between future possibilities, past achievements, present confusion? Let's, for once, assume that everyday life is fundamentally prosaic. And that society is haunted by the dream of accumulation, surge. Like in any work of literary fiction, there must be a reason, a story to be told. Do I sometimes feel like I want to be swept away, carried by a greater cause?

Do I feel ashamed of my own lazy body? Does it hurt to be at the wrong place at the wrong time? A short excerpt of Danielle Colloberts diary entry, October , is read out loud. Buchvernissage That's not me Nuri Koerfer.


Auf Urlaubsreisen oder in ihrem Heimatland Schweiz liess sie sich mit Tierkadavern ablichten. One-Day Publishing Fair 3. FSK-Freigabe ab 20 Jahre. Vorstellungen um 13, 17 und 20 Uhr im Corner Cinema. Langeweile an Adventssonntagen das war einmal! Freunde der gepflegten Kiosk- und Ratgeberliteratur werden an diesem Sonntag auf ihre Rechnung kommen. Sie fertigt diese aus zerschnittenen Radierungen, die sich teils idealisiert oder vermeintlich wissenschaftlich geben, aber stets der Phantasie entspringen.

Was ist unsere Macht? Das neue soziale Subjekt — die Multitude — betrat die politische Landschaft. September in New York Zusammenhang steht. Weitere Informationen bitte unten klicken: This is what Man with a Movie Camera is all about. Vortrag Von der site-specificity zur fight-specificity. Die Auseinandersetzung bietet die Gelegenheit, instituierende Praxen zu experimentieren und das Konzept einer Stadtentwicklung von unten ansatzweise umzusetzen. Theorie bis zum Umfallen Imre Hofmann.

Das Filmteam folgt verschiedenen Akteueren in ihrem Bandenleben, aber zeigt auch die Arbeit der Polizei in dem heruntergekommen Brooklyn der 70er Jahre. In diesem Film spielen Graffiti eine untergeordnete Rolle. Als sozialkritische Studie vermeidet es der Film die damalige Zeit romantisieren und zeigt vielmehr die schwerwiegenden sozialen Probleme Brooklyns. Graffiti Nostalgia ist eine offene Filmreihe zum Thema Graffiti.

Often too much emphasis is put on the visual when it comes to the use of our environment. I believe that what yuri has been doing is to show a new dimension to the conversation between objects and people. Sound interjection is playful but it is also an illustration of what is possible with the manipulation of product systems. Also want to speak about relation between sound and human. Vortrag in englischer Sprache.

Synonyms and antonyms of Kalter in the German dictionary of synonyms

Nicole Bachmann Philip Matesic. Ha, around the corner, Construct. During her visit, she will talk about her own practice, the Art Writing scene in London and the prominent figure of Maria Fusco, who is currently Head of Art Writing at Goldsmiths College. Fusco is at the forefront of the current London scene where readings, performance and poetry merge together to form a new understanding of text based performance in art. Teil "On the Other Side: Preserved in verse by the poet Li Bai, Fengjie in Chongqing is one of these unfortunate villages.

The troubles and strengths of these villagers, gripped by anxiety toward the future, surface as the spectacle of migration begins. Poignantly capturing the transition of an era, the film leaves a beautiful echo that resonates with the flow of time yet to be sung. Ausstellung Book Notes 2h 3min Christoph Schifferli. During three weeks Corner College shows a two hour slide show of the passionated book collector Christoph Schifferli.

Since more than ten years he measures his collecting activities - books, artists, sellers and places - with his camera. Screenshot "I started using a digital camera in the late 90s, mostly in art exhibitions were I took pictures of the artwork together with the small tags on the side stating the name of the artist, etc. I later started using the camera also for books, taking a quick picture of the cover with some spreads and the impressum and possibly of the price if it was a rare book.

Since the date is automatically registered when you take a digital picture, I still had to take note of the location these were pre-GPS times. So I started taking pictures of the gallerist, artist or bookdealer to keep a record of the place or context. Anyway - I still do this all the time. Finally these pictures also became a visual diary - but this happened more coincidentally and as a side effect, and I became aware of the diary effect much later in the process. For the one-sentence description: Mara Montoya's talk deals with the intersections of personal history, collective memory and how they connect with each other through events, restricting her presentation to Congo related movies.

In the first part of her presentation Mara will reflect and try to understand the function of remembering, which is not the opposite of forgetting, but rather its lining. The story is based on a panoramic photography where he recalls his first ten years living inMandima, Zaire, now Democratic Republic of the Congo. The children in this classroom where born in , the year of the genocide. For ten years, the teacher of this class has been waiting for new, rewritten manuals. In this last part Mara will study the collective memory and mention historiography. The paintings, 23 x 23 cm squares, are made by juxtaposed layers in different combinations between watercolor, oil, casein and wax crayon.

The whole series will be on display at the window of Brauerstrasse, 24h a day. Der Tote ist Martin Hodel. Martin Hodels 90er-Jahre sind Dada. Durch das Praktizieren der humanistischen Antiqua wird der Fokus an diesem kompakten Workshop auf die Schriftgrundlagen gesetzt. Der Workshop ist an gestalterisch Interessierte, Type-Nerds oder solche die es werden wollen ausgerichtet. Der Bogen wird weit gespannt und anhand einer breiten Auswahl Studenten Arbeiten treffend illustriert. Bitte bis Mittwoch, Juni anmelden unter info buildshape.

Typemedia Buildshape Fachklasse Grafik Luzern. Diese finden am Samstag Juni, um 15 Uhr und Sonntag, Juni um 11 Uhr statt. Die Aufmerksamkeit verlagerte sich in den letzten Jahren von ausschliesslich handwerklichen Kriterien hin zu einer ganzheitlichen Betrachtung des Buchs. Diskussion in englischer Sprache. Buchproduktion und -vertrieb geraten zunehmend unter wirtschaftlichen Druck. Vor diesem Hintergrund entwickelt sich das Self- und Independent-Publishing zunehmend zu einem autonomen Sektor. Kino Grand Marquis " I think they are the most intelligent Austrians who have ever been to Mexico Presented by Tido von Oppeln and Burkhard Meltzer.

Who is Bozo Texino? Daniel rode freight trains across the West carrying a Super-8 sound camera and a 16mm Bolex, interviewing tramps and brakemen and in his quest discovered the roots of a folkloric tradition that has gone mostly unnoticed for a century. Taking inspiration from Beat artists Robert Frank and Jack Kerouac, the film functions both as a subcultural documentary and a stylized fable on wanderlust, outsider identity, and escape.

Excerpt from "Double Exposures: Excerpts from "The Radicant" by Nicolas Bourriaud. The following example is one illustration of this: The video quickly received thousands of views after being picked up by a number of music blogs.

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This is a one example of a complete UnVid cycle: This represents a new degree of intimacy between the band, label and fan, which until recently was not possible. Through the production of UnVids, fans become creative participants rather than merely consumers. Through this production a symbiotic relationship between band and fan is created. In instances where the song did not previously have a video, the video has the potential to become the primary source of publicity for the band as more and more people search for music through sites like youtube and vimeo.

The role of unofficial videos in the promotion of young bands is underestimated. Until recently, there was no forum devoted to the phenomenon of UnVids. This phenomenon developed independently of any music industry infrastructures and continues to independently evolve and grow. Wednesday, July 27th 7 to 9pm: Bar and barbecue 9pm: Concert San Marino Thursday, July 28th 7 to 9pm: Concert Teppichmode Friday, July 29th 7 to 9pm: Corner Collge wird Teil einer neuenen Umgebung. George Vaine 21 Uhr Konzert: Theory Tuesdays Planning Session Please bring your text and film selections to contribute to the scheduling of the autumn and winter months of Theory Tuesdays.

The event was held from August 16th until August 19th, During this Theory Tuesdays session, they will present their impressions and experiences from this research event. More information about Slow Days Oslo can be found at http: Exkursion Malerische Begehung Patrick Rohner. Die Begehung ist kostenlos. September auf cornercollege gmail. Weitere Infos bei Anmeldung. What Does Public Mean?