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Sam grasped the offered hand, and let Dean help him up, as he cradled his broken wrist to his chest. Once up, Sam leaned against his brother for a few minutes, trying to stave off the nausea and dizziness. When he felt better, Sam moved away from his brother, and bent to pick up his pack, slowly. Swinging the pack over his shoulder, Sam waited for his brother to do the same.

Dean stuffed the first aid kit back in his pack, and drew the pack over his shoulder, just as Sam had done minutes earlier. Sam nodded, and picked up his sawed off shotgun, ready to take down the banshee, should it get too close, or if it hurt Dean. Their father had gone in the house to look for clues as to who the banshee had been, and how to destroy it. He had felt that it was better to split up so more ground could be covered, and he had thought that his boys would be safer outside the house. Sam had been hurt by the banshee, even though they had been outside, and now Dean figured that since they were no safer outside than in, that they ought to go inside and see if there was anything that they could do to help their father.

Dean walked up the rickety steps of the early nineteenth century mansion, shotgun at the ready.

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He pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed their father's number, to tell him what had gone on, that they were coming in, and to ' for the love of god, make sure it was the banshee, before he shot at anything. Sam followed his brother up the steps of the mansion, his own gun at the ready, as he searched for any signs that the banshee might be near. He shut off as much of the pain from his wrist as he could, and focused on the hunt at hand, wanting to kill the banshee and get it over with.

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  • Dean signaled for him to stop, and hold watch behind them, and Sam nodded, turning with his gun held steadily in front of him. He heard Dean move behind him, and then he heard the tell tale sounds of his father's boots on the wood floor, and he turned to look at them for a second, before turning back to keeping watch. The split second was all the banshee needed, and she swept at the three Winchesters before any of them had a chance.

    Sam's eyes widened as she flew straight at him, and he fired She kept coming at him, and before Sam knew what had hit him, she had a hold of his shoulders, her long nails piercing through his shirt, and into his flesh. The gun flew from his hands as she lifted him from the ground, and threw him easily into the wall.

    The boards cracked behind him as Sam hit, and he cried out as his wrist hit the wall. He fell to the floor, blinking as the darkness filled his vision.

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    He saw his father running to him, but could do nothing to placate his father as the darkness consumed him. I know angst-ridden isn't it? But hey what do you expect from me? The leader of the, 'Let's Hurt Sammy,' club? Okay maybe not the leader, but I am certainly a very active member I think leadership belongs to Faye Dartmouth and geminigrl So what did you think? I know that right now it doesn't seem like it has anything to do with, 'Breath,' but you will see the connections soon Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

    Takes place about a year after, 'Breath. Nothing can go wrong right? Yeah and I'm the easter bunny I don't understand why you can never feel good. If you ask for my advice and I tell you what I think you should do you do not listen. If you want me to lift your spirits then you must be open to feeling better.

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    When you don't look I am trying to just forget all that you have told me because I don't want to be as negative as you. General Comment I think it's supposed to be "Well I don't see no holes in the road But you find another place to fall. This way makes more sense to me, like she's telling this person that she can't see the problems but they are finding them all by themselves. I have a friend like that who asks for advice all the time but doesn't actually want to hear it. General Comment there's another way to interpret this song--that kt tunstall is talking to herself.

    She can see herself falling and hurting but she just can manage to move on. I love the part where she's stumbling down the blurred allay-cuz that's exactly what it feels like. Like you can't even see the end and then it finally clears and all the haze is gone General Comment I see this song in two different ways, one as more of a description than addressing someone, the chorus in particular.

    I think 'Find yourself another place to fall, find yourself up against another brick wall' is her friend or the subject of the song finding problems and places to set themselves back, but she can't see any problems at all. She's said all she can but the subject isn't paying any attention and continues to live in bleak depression. Thats my opinion on the song.

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    General Comment I think KT's singing as someone who tries to help a friend who's always feeling for herself, constantly depressed. But no matter how much she helps, her friend is almost determined to be depressed like the current image of an 'emo' amongst the younger generation, myself included. Because she gets fed up of her, KT tells her friend to "find another place to fall" find someone else to talk to , because all she does is feel sorry for herself "See yourself as a fallen angel".

    General Comment Oops, more to say: The first verse "Are you blind Blind to me trying to be kind?

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