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It's always good to bite your tongue and admit when you're wrong though. You'll earn some respect from most people. Oh I wasn't interested in trying to stay friends with people of that mindset. I took it as a silent victory. Rubbing it in would have been petty although hilarious. I never read much into Kony but only heard bits and pieces.

I remember seeing sign up all over town that said KONY with the subheading "A cause we can all get behind" and burning with desire to know if the flyers were intentionally ironic.. I was in like 8th grade when this whole Kony thing happened and our English teacher decided to show us in class the day after it blew the fuck up.

Of course a little less than a week later this whole thing has been debunked, little to no money is actually going towards helping people, and my teacher and peers still wanted to donate towards this whole thing. Of course the Kony kids won out. I have a friend who knew it was a hype train and bought it for the sole purpose of waiting a few years for the joke. He waited two years to wear it. This still happens every day on reddit. People buy into empty causes that are manufactured by others to make themselves feel good.

Almost every trending topic is an example of that. Kinda feel bad for this guy. People talk about how important mental health is nowadays, and how you shouldn't feel ashamed of it, but then this guy gets made into a joke because of a complete mental breakdown.

He seemed to have good intentions, but I probably don't know the whole story. To me, sounded like he visited Uganda, had a very real experience. Made awareness a passion project for 10 years. His wildest dreams and darkest nightmares for his passion came true x over 48 hours and he broke.

No one new to fame could handle being famous over night and being called a fraud by millions of people. And nothing the awareness organization did justified that level of backlash. Their sin was being too successful with no plan for that level of attention. It's hard to imagine how much control a business owner needs to have when they deliberately hold back expansion in order to maintain composure. I mean sustainable growth is very much an important thing in business. Burning too bright too soon will inevitably lead to a flameout. A lot of folks reacted negatively to the almost condescending tone of the original video.

The same thing that pissed off the Ugandans he screened the film to left a bad taste in the mouth of cynical viewers. Something was always just a bit off about the whole thing. I'm totally with you on that, this legacy he has is a laughing stock on the internet but when you stop to think about it the whole thing is pretty tragic.

Jason had no success. There was no real effect from the campaign that benefited the cause. What Jason did have was a successful marketing campaign —a facade. He put up the most effective smoke and mirrors design anyone had ever seen before. Perhaps, but also highly manipulative and he knew it.

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He got called out on his bullshit by millions of people. The mental experience of someone who is staking everything on a project and leveraging everything to see that project successful is frantic, obsessed. He knew he could lose, a lot.

The Story of Kony | Internet Historian : videos

It all came crashing down and that constant state of hyper-stress fucked him up. He had nothing really to lean on for support, except the slacktivism of everyone who bought his shit, which he knew efficaciously was shit. Christians I think can be prone to stuff like this. Less bullshitty, smaller scale, but it still ate me. I feel like, if his focus really was the cause and not the glory, it mightn't have affected him so terribly when he got called out - and he might have picked a more meaningful and urgent cause to begin with.

I'm sorry his mental health suffered, and he didn't deserve the humiliation, but he's not just a well-intentioned innocent.

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People in this thread are still making fun of him as the "jacking off" guy, despite the video being very clear that never happened. This is a great example of how most people so intensely politicize mental illness; it doesn't get to be a major issue only during mass shootings. Mental breakdowns ruin people's life, and we shouldn't have to see people dying to have empathy for that.

I'm a gun control advocate, but I'm disgusted by how people don't realize this shit is where our culture around mental illness has to change before meaningful strides happen. It's almost like people actually don't care about mental illnesses or something and just pretend to until it gets remotely uncomfortable for them.

Can we verify that is why he was captured though? I reckon anything other than stating the facts "He met with Sean Penn 3 days prior" would make any medias outlet liable for endangering Penn. Brangelina are played by themselves, or also by Seth and James. This deal is non-negotiable, and will not be coerced to change for any promised good s or service s. I watched it and got so hype, even more hype knowing that the entire rest of the world was watching it, I was all ready to go out and protest and flip some cars and shit, then I went to bed, I woke up and couldn't care less. I'm pretty sure that was the year the timeline diverged or the simulation glitched or something.

What a strange year. Seriously what happened to all the rabid support Reddit had for Ron Paul? Reddit's demographics became a lot more mainstream and younger. It used to be a lot more techie-oriented, even than it is now. No, a lot of 20 somethings still identify as libertarian in some form. But didn't Sean Penn get used to catch a Cartel leader?! The celeb plan did work for something! My Kony experience was similar to this. I had friends who actively made donations and tried to rally everybody into it when this was going on.

I remember telling them I wasn't going to donate money and that I didn't believe it was a legitimate thing. Then buddy started dancing naked in the streets, and suddenly my friends weren't so loud about "the cause" anymore. After this bullshit came to light I got sick to my stomach for how naive I was. How on earth can you make a 17 minute video about Kony without even mentioning the crazy stuff Invisible Children has been doing recently? Somewhere along the way they kinda sorta pivoted to become a paramilitary counter-intelligence operation -which on the one hand is kind of amazing, but also more than slightly bonkers.

It's a long read, but I highly recommend this article. With seed funding from a Texas hedge fund that financed a broader military effort against the LRA, it now runs a daring program to supply civilians with high-frequency radios to track rebel movements across a 61,square-mile expanse of Congo and the Central African Republic. The group cooperates closely with the U. Invisible Children sees this new approach as a welcome alternative to years of failed efforts to catch a bloodthirsty killer. Critics say the group may be putting many more people at far greater risk — not just its employees, but the very people it aims to help.

But he's kind of misleading about that Invisible Children music video. It's not a serious, tone-deaf, Hello, Fellow Kids, video. It was made 3 months after High School Musical was released, and is clearly parodying the absurdity of it.

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If you watch the full music video, you'd see that Internet Historian deliberately removed the most absurd parts, like where the guys float in the air , shoot magic at the crowd of kids , the moms jazzersizing and suddenly doing hip-hop moves , and a mom aggressively becoming hellbent on activism. This video was created to promote their Global Night Commute event. This video got extremely popular with the target demographic because it was cheesy, hilarious, and promoted a cause people cared about in a creative way.

High School Musical was at the peak of popularity, and this drew clear inspiration from it. I'm glad that Internet Historian at least debunked the rumors about him masturbating and being on drugs. That has always been a rumor and was never true. This guy had a clear mental breakdown, and it's absurd to me that in this day and age, everybody is making fun of a guy with mental illness. I don't care if people criticize Invisible Children, what they've done, or their methods for promoting awareness.

But just keep in mind that not everything is always as black and white on the surface. I wrote a dissertation about the use of propaganda in modern western politics, I raised Kony as a perfect example of media manipulation. Got myself a First: As Kony became a sensation, experts in the socio-political history of central Africa castigated Invisible Children for ignoring inconvenient facts about the Ugandan conflict. Adam Branch, a professor of international politics and author of Displacing Human Rights: War and Intervention in Northern Uganda, wrote that the film overlooked the complicity of the Ugandan government and the dangers of further militarizing the region.

Kony is a grotesque war criminal, to be sure, but the Ugandan government currently in power also came to power through the use of kadogo child soldiers and fought alongside militias employing child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, something that Invisible Children seem wilfully ignorant of. At the heart of the Stop Kony campaign is a clear message: S supported regime was guilty of hiring tons of children in their army.

Sounds to me like what you want is a documentary and not just some dude talking about the guys behind the whole kony campaign. The guy makes comedic videos about internet phenomenons, it isn't supposed to be some hard hitting journalism. One day the video went viral and Kony was bad. It felt like the next day I woke up and somehow, he just wasn't as bad.

And this guy jerking off on the street was more note worthy. I watched this having only ever heard the words "Kony " back when it was fizzling out and was a joke I didn't get I was in 10th grade, and my high school was covered in Kony posters. My English teacher had us all watch the entire Kony video during a class and everyone got on the bandwagon. Same here, and a handful of students gave our 10th grade English class a presentation on it too. They tried to get everyone to buy those stupid kits. Something felt off to me. Why do these kids suddenly care so much about war torn Africa and this Kony fella?

Came home, told my dad about it, and his immediate reaction was that it sounded like a scam. I was on deployment for most of that year so I never actually fully understood what it was all about. I just knew it was a meme. I no longer feel left out! Just goes to show that the internet can take a good intention and twist it into a horrible media-fueled shitstorm of trolling, counter-trolling, and time wasted.

It's like we're using the most powerful weapon ever created for a fart joke. Ugh, don't remind me. I was part of Invisible Children before Kony so I at least got to avoid that kind of whiplash after I graduated. My history teacher was really into it though and we started in like or something? That part wasn't fake at least. Still bums me out because I did have a fun time volunteering for the cause, and I still have my t shirt from it, but it majorly sucks about the outcome. Trey Parker and Matt Stone changed it because they thought people did not get the reference or did not know who he was, so they went with an absurd joke name.

They could always go back and change it. I mean, it is a play, and it's a living, breathing thing. Butt the current name is hilarious.

5 reasons why FRETLESS BASS SUCKS (and how to fix it)

I don't know about other local productions, but the Brazilian production did change it back to "Kony". Butt Fucking Naked is actually a play on the name of another Kony-esque African warlord nicknamed "Butt naked". Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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I was on the skeptical side from the rip. In fucking mississippi Edit: Talented actors, hiding in the spotlight, lol. It feels like the power is finally coming back to everyday folk who for many years just had to take what ever the media told them. The web is a means to finding information and people who have similar ideas to your own and this helps to create groups who, when they focus their time and energy can be heard.

I became interested in social networks because of the possibility it offered to speak to people around the world and listen to the stories they have to tell. I had a visceral reaction to this well made documentary, and I too find that no one should be judged or reprimanded for that. It was as if Uganda was some indie band and hipsters were pissed off for it going mainstream.

For people to assume that is not only ignorant, but incredibly sad and tasteless. Are we at the point now where people shit on others for trying to do something decent via social media? Are we that egotistical? And no one is saying that this is the greatest non profit organization to ever exist. The tactic that is used is unique and relevant to our time now. Why not sit back and applaud this experiment? Because then you would have a point. Knowledge is different from awareness. The point is, there is discussion now about this issue.

This video has become the catalyst of that discussion. One might argue a discussion that needed to take place about 20 years ago. And as many others have pointed out, a problem that lingers in other places as well, especially Syria. Not enough people pay attention, and is it sad that Facebook is the cause of this movement?

I completely agree with this article. I love your suggestion of making him repay society, he may not reform but he will certainly help rebuild the lives of those he destroyed. I want to clear some things up before I get accused of being a Joseph Kony sympathizer. I believe that Joseph Kony is a terrible man that has done deplorable things to the people of Africa.

If you actually want to do something and take action,write to your Senator or Representative. Call them up and tell them you have concerns about Joseph Kony and his child army.

Organize protests and marches. Do something rather than passively sit on your ass and spread shit around the internet. We live in a country in which gays and lesbians are still Second Class Citizens. Why do we always focus on every other countries problems when we have thousands of problems at home?

There are hundreds of studies that show that Americans have low retention rates when it comes to crisis. If you actually want to get rid of Kony, go to Africa, buy a fucking gun and kill him. If you want a case in point about how action leads to results — look at the Arab Spring Movement. I hope for the sake of the children in Africa that Kony is stopped and his 20, child soldiers get freed. But, even if that happens, a large majority of you will forget all about Africa and the injustices going on there. Have you ever try running a non-profit… Trust me is not a piece of cake and it takes courage, it takes MONEY, and it takes a lot of guts to do it.

A Little confused here -what do you disagree with? Ha, thank you mnvkeg!! No problem, helping people understand this issue better really resonates with me for some reason, and your article is one that does a great job of explaining why supporting IC is wrong despite possible good intentions. You can find problems with ANY cause that comes forward and grabs your heart and inspires you to do something.

If these organisations really cared, they would let Africans speak for themselves instead of trying to speak for them. Why waste time talking about people who have failed? We have enough right-leaning hearts, as the viral sharing of this exact video has shown. Good intentions are fine for relationships and friendships. I think you need to learn where the caps lock key is and not use it like that. I appreciated your piece, and your opinion. However, I am sick of seeing arguments against IC with the main focus being their budget.

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IC has openly posted their financials on their website. They are not ashamed nor are they being untruthful. However, in order to do so, they need money. How do you get donations? By getting people to know about and believe in your cause. They money they spend on tours and films educates people, and exposes them to what is going on. People need to be educated and aware of it in order to help.

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The LRA is and has been beaten and pushed out of Uganda for coming up on 10 years now. I believe instead in the cause of helping the Ugandan people finding their peace, happiness and trust. I believe in helping them figure out how to rebuild their country and heal their recovered children so they can stand on their own as an independent, proud country. Your commentary on Kony is obviously very thoughtful and intelligent: Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

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