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Faith Hope and Gravity

The renderings are numbered to help us follow their nonsequential playing order. Still, characters and story matter most, right? Steve Sean Close and roommate Jill Jessica Johnson worry about their poetry class while waiting for an elevator.

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It's not like any other book I've read. There were so many inspiring messages to be found within these pages. There were times I felt like shouting at Liam. Please don't do that.

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I think that's probably the life story for all of us though. We all have those moments of weakness and misunderstanding. We get hurt and angry. I loved the overall message 3. I loved the overall message from this book though. Each of us have unique gifts and abilities. Learning to accept and love each other for who we are and what we can do is the most important thing.

Faith, Hope and Gravity

It will bring us together and make us strong. When things don't go the way you think they should, trust that things will work out if we keep trying. As I said before, this is an interesting book.

Faith, Hope and Gravity

It made me think about how we view each other, especially people that think or act differently. This book is squeeky clean.

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  • I'm glad to be a part of this book tour. Nov 09, Louise rated it really liked it. Merrill Osmond has now added novelist to his long list of talents. Faith, Hope and Gravity is a fast paced story set in several countries, charting a young man's discovery of how he should use his unusual gifts. Liam comes into contact with a wide range of characters and the author keeps the reader guessing as to whether they are benevolent or hostile right to the end. You do not have to be an admirer of Merrill Osmond to enjoy this book but if you are, you have the added benefit of a twist in the Merrill Osmond has now added novelist to his long list of talents.

    You do not have to be an admirer of Merrill Osmond to enjoy this book but if you are, you have the added benefit of a twist in the tale. Although Liam, the main character, has very different experiences to those Merrill has shared about his own life, the essence of those experiences and the emotional impact of them creates several "deja vu" moments for the reader. The actions of others and the emotional impact of Liam's trials on his journey towards the mysterious Red Door echo the feelings and emotions Merrill has expressed about his unusual life.

    This book will send you on an emotional roller coaster. Aug 31, Sheila added it. This story not only entertains, but leaves so many great messages for the reader. As you read about Liam's journey through life, and his many struggles as he tries to find his place in the world, most people will be able to relate to this character. I feel like tweens and teens especially will read Liam's story and feel this story was written for them. Go to my blog to enter to win some prizes US only from Merrill Osmond.

    The contest will run through Aug 17, Jennie rated it it was ok. The main character is a narcisstic mama's boy and is difficult to like. Motivations are weak, cause and effect don't add up, and the entire premise made little sense to me. The theme is centered on people who are supposedly visionaries and a fatalistic philosophy that whatever is supposed to happen will happen so there's little point in taking responsibility for your life or making plans.

    Book review: 'Faith, Hope and Gravity' an odd mix of story and philosophy | Deseret News

    Osmond rated it it was amazing Jun 06, Cheryl rated it liked it Mar 23, That one and the actual selling of the "Donny and Marie Show. Outside music, you have spent a good portion of your time with philanthropic efforts and with motivational speaking; a lot of that has to do with helping people find success and happiness. How do you define that success in yourself and in others? Success to me is overcoming.

    Faith, Hope and Gravity (Paperback)

    All of us have challenges. I never chose my vocation, never had what you would call a normal childhood, and never really knew what a teenager was because we lived in a bubble. Overcoming little things here and there caused me to grow into the man I am, and I am hoping that people like me laughs.

    You have accomplished so many things in your life, do you still have moments of excitement or euphoria from accomplishing something? I have been in the business for 54 years. A year ago, I was about to hang it up. The thing that is a challenge right now —and I will go ahead and announce it on this program — Jermaine Jackson of the Jacksons has gotten with me. But at the same time that is what we were gifted with. The main character of your story, "Faith, Hope and Gravity," a character named Liam, is a vehicle to share certain principles.