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It is an aggressive universe that Beer occupies in his work. There are plenty of explosions in his paintings and drawings, and plenty of strange machines destroying the space all around. Broodthaers deepened the level of intrigue by not following any established geographical organization; instead, he chose to present a small selection of countries in alphabetical order, each represented graphically at the same size.

The exhibition format, the short presentation and the works presented are reflecting a certain uncertainty in our time. He collaborated to realized the art programs of Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa of Palermo, from to On he founded micromuseum, the smalles official museum of contemporary art in the world. On he curated for Riso, Museum of Contemporay art of Sicily Passage to Sicily, the collection of Riso and more, first presentation of the collection of the new museum.

On consultant for contemporary art for the Minister of Economy to develop arts on the south of Italy. On member of the Committee guide for the Sicilian Region to address the politics to develop contemporary art on Sicily. From cofounder and artistic director of Fondazione Sambuca,. The idea was to create a tool that would allow presentations in any kind of setting - even in outside locations and that reflects the general idea of spreading these presentations into the world like a transmitter.

The Lightbox itself appeared in many of the projects as the mobile exhibition tool. In Beer has changed the name to Galerie Utopia. The work has been introduced in talks and lectures or workshops i. The Foundation created a system to connect the territorial stakeholder to build programs with the local and international institutions, museums, foundations, companies in a cultural net to lead contemporary culture, international recherche and experimentation on the global scenario. Venice Biennale at Palazzo Sambuca.

Luca Trevisani, Rosa Barb, Shobha. It is a sculpture made out of steel, and its subtle cubic shape makes it quite unprepossessing at first glance. For the uninitiated, it is easy to feel that something is missing. For this is a plinth, a base — a pedestal specifically intended to carry and accentuate something special, but in this case a sense of absence prevails. A pedestal can be described as a combination of an exclamation mark and a colon, drawn out into three dimensions.

In the world of art the base or pedestal informs us that the object it holds aloft is a piece of art — something powerful and important — just in case we were not entirely sure. The world turned upside down Piero Manzoni had his base of the world made in during his second sojourn in Herning. As we observe the small, squat base we are initially likely to make the mistake of thinking that we are looking at a work of art.

But then we make a mental somersault, realising that we ourselves, and all the rest of the globe, are being exhibited as art! The work is in itself almost invisible, and in all its simple anonymity the base serves the same purpose of all bases used in exhibitions: Contemporary artists join artists who are no longer with us to create a web of works that cut across each other, challenging and discussing our concepts of art — all very much in the spirit of Manzoni.

Manzoni pushes back the boundaries of what we can perceive as art, and this idea is the starting point of the Socle du Monde Biennial. The biennial comprises seven chapters, each curated by a member of the international curating team behind the biennial. Focusing on Piero Manzoni and Socle du Monde, the resulting narrative ties the individual exhibition concepts together, giving rise to a complex interplay between past and present. Instead of creating causality and continuity, the artist builds on the principle of formation.

In this way, numerous fi elds of contexts and different levels of experience emerge, which provide snapshots of the changing balances of power and situations. Beer sees the world as a world of appearances, not of things in order to achieve the prevention of subject-object distinctions.

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Some of the sculptures look like fascist children with mutated dogs, homeless people in military clothing, beggars or a fortune-teller on an oil drum. They are representatives of a stagnating youth movement and utopical way of thinking. A zoo is a place where as many species and varieties of animals as possible are collected in order that they can be seen, observed, studied. In principle, each cage is a frame round the animal inside it.

Visitors visit the zoo to look at animals. They proceed from cage to cage, not unlike visitors in an art gallery who stop in front of one painting, and then move on to the next or the one after next. Yet in the zoo the view is always wrong. Like an image out of focus.

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The artists have provided the works in an artistic collaborative way. It can be seen as a small symphony of different voices in a choir. The exhibition and the included artworks have their own say. The exhibition will also be shown during the Opening days of the Venice Biennale Examples are schools, museum spaces, artist studios, warehouses, lofts, apartments, shared spaces, commercial properties, foundations, collectors spaces, branded spaces, containers, constructionsites and off-site.

Following the international wave of re-usage and sustainability culture, NON SPACES is aware of expanding communities, short-term rent needs, remote working, and new agecommunication channels. The objective is to bridge architecture with culture in an innovative way using technology. Its spaces archive consists of profiling the spaces and operations. Viewers navigate through virtual tours in a highly realisticrecopy of each space selected and tenants can digitize objects and e-curate them, e-display them in the spaces using the same techniques.

This is a way to virtually display shops, galleries, e-auctions, e-lectures, educational tours, animation etc, live stream. There are details in this fast-paced contemporary tech-world of images, media and high demands that make people rethink of their surroundings. The team behind this project are aware of expanding communities, shared spaces needs, and market shifts in funding resources for the creativeindustry. Evolving around interdisciplinary creativity and fostering 21st century value-chains highlighting arts, perception and consciousness, GOODROOM generates context and content through production of experiences and advisory services on creative direction, collaborations, and shared artistic vision.

GOODROOM engages in experiences and communications with institutions, collections and companies to create creative spaces, environments and experiences, that invite innovation, alternative experiments, open-mindedness and curiosity to both better relate to others and to be more present.

Recent I upcoming projects sel. Popol Vuh — The Ambient Remixes Diktatur der Dilettanten Since Beer has spend half of his time in Greece. Being confronted with that situation Beer has made a series of banner-alike collages. These works refer to a series of large-scale collages mostly made on plastic tarpaulins he has since These works have in common that they include slogans like i. These works are treated like object, demonstration tools, banners. With this show the Gallery confirms the new direction of its programme, underscoring the vocation towards the experimentation of languages and poetics of stringently consolidated relevance.

All the exhibitors are transgenerational artists expressing themselves in different media, but bound by a shared vision of the practice of quality contemporary art, with experiences in the experimental international avant-gardes and already present at the most important shows and the most influential galleries. To explore this journey from Faith to Fathom, Duncan has collected over 50 paintings, photographs, sculptures and video stills from 17 artists: The works presented at the show, some of them made specifically for the Florence event, belong to the threshold between Faith and Reason.

They inhabit the spaces between unreason and reason, impenetrability and understanding, chaos and order. They are neither intangible nor tangible but they are materialising. They inhabit a land of shadows: At the Galleria Poggiali, the director of the project Zhivago Duncan examines the making of art as a form of spiritual journey in which the artists and their works ferry the observers between the ethereal land of faith and the pragmatic terrain of reason.

This is because, as Zhivago Duncan explains: In the midst of these creative fragments we also gradually discover order and consistency and, slowly, we translate all this into a concrete work of art: Panellinio Arma Soliton is greek for armed chariot of the peoples movement while Nwad Nedlog is the name of the greek fascist party Golden Dawn written backwards. Gercken Foundation and Collection April 23 — August 7 In numerous publications these two art connoisseurs have also discussed the contents of the works they have collected.

Mr and Mrs Gercken are now giving a large part of their collection to a foundation that will be based at the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden. The foundation currently holds 30 paintings and more than prints, and further works are to be added at a later date. To mark the establishment of the foundation, the Albertinum and the Kupferstich-Kabinett are presenting a selection from among this outstanding collection in an exhibition. They can teach us to look properly by making that visible which we do not see directly or do not wish to see. The works selected for the Albertinum invite careful scrutiny and contemplation.

The focal point of the exhibition consists of works from all periods of the creative career of Georg Baselitz, whose paintings, drawings, woodcuts and etchings have occupied an eminent place in figurative art in Germany since Among the prints, which make up the largest group of works held by the foundation, lithographs and zinc etchings by Horst Antes are presented alongside works by Baselitz. Penck and Dieter Roth are on display. The prints also include numerous test prints or early impressions, many of which are being shown in public for the first time.

April 22 , 7 pm Exhibition duration: In his exhibition Itchycoo Park , named aft er the Psychedelic-Pop song by The Small Faces from the late sixties, the artist shows newly created fl atworks. In the middle, he placed a rash of new sculptures, depicting ceramic heads.

Iny Lorentz Die Goldhändlerin Roman Hörbuch Komplett Deutsch MMT

He uses appropriate formal methods, such as the technique of collage, for example with packing strips, foils, paper scraps or products available at hardware stores and represents the attitude of a rapid, anarchic mode of operation. Johnson Museum New York. Galerie Clemens Gunzer Hotingerstrasse 44 Zurich http: LOVE is an assemblage of paintings, collages, sculptures and videos. Faliro Faliron Delta Opposite the P. Faliro Village Cinemas complex Contact fon: Its reconfigure is therefore continuous, as the nature of all things during time.

But often the way of painting, for those who realizes as for those who interpret it, prevails a feeling of stubborn longing. The form framework, or even the simple gesture of rolling out the color of a surface, are in fact instinctively associated with the original idea of expressiveness and to the representative necessity that has determined it from the beginning of history. A sort of conditioned reflex that holds painting in a limbo of relativity against its time.

The Leopard Unleashed

At this point the issue is setting the terms for which painting today can be consistent with its time. A reflexion that therefore seeks and finds continuity with those strategies of refusal and that acts of denial that have characterized the history of modernism , in particular North American interpretation. No doubt the impermanence-the precariousness we would say in Europe-is the typical condition of our time and life and maybe it is ,first of all, the consequence of speeding time in which events, objects and resulting feelings occur and persist.

A speeding that reduces inevitably the capacity of influence and consequent reassurance both the past and the future, making the present, its own present,an absolute size and in fact extremely provisional of existence. A speeding which incidentally, and not secondary to the sense of our arguments, has suddenly made obsolete modernism and also its post,certainly not making more stable the cultural level on which we move. Nach der Gegenwart befragt sind dabei: Wie wollen wir leben? Schaefer, Carl Gross, Erling T. Galerie Utopia mail galerieutopia.

Galerie Utopia promotes contributions that critically and sensually confront existential phenomena. For the Re-opening of the Palais de Tokyo in September Galerie Utopia realised the exhibition the Garden of Eden including about international artists and a changing program of performances, screenings and exhibitions during the time of the exhibition. Beer has had solo exhibitions e. Conscience of the King New York: Coward-McCann, S. Conscience of the King London: The Little Emperors London: The Little Emperors New York: Bell, S.

A Romance of Ancient Britain London: Drane, S. The Sons of the Tribune: An Adventure on the Roman Wall London: Arnold, S. Prisoner of Rome London: Dobson, S. Gomer, illustrations by Roger Jones. Ceva of the Caradocs New York, London: Warne, S. The Green Bronze Mirror London: A story of ancient Wales London: National Society, S.

A story of ancient Wales New York: The sacred jewel Garden City: Doubleday, 1st ed. Dark Was the Dawning London: Roman Go Home London: Collins, S.

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Roman Go Home New York: Putnam, [] S. Twilight Province Sydney, London: Danger at Black Dyke New York: Phillips, S.

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      New American Library, Juni. Eastwick Press, S. Cassell, 72 S. A Story of Roman Bath London: Pitman, S. A Tale of Ancient Cornwall London: Longmans, Green, S. Durobrivae; or, Roman Rochester Rochester: Harris, S. Anglia Young, 64 S.

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      Island Books, S. Scribner's, S. Mason, S. Verlags-Anstalt, S. Ginn, S. The iron grail New York: Druid time New York: Dodd, Mead, XI, S. Guardians of the forest London: Guardians of the forest New York: Eaglets for the Legion London; New York: Barbarian Princess New York: Ballantine, The Centurions series, bk.

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      A spell for old bones New York: These Four Shall Die: Muller, S. Valerius, A Roman Story … Edinburgh: Blackwood, 3 Bde. Alena Toronto ; New York: Harlequin, S. Claudia and Pudens, or, the Early Christians in Gloucester: A Tale of the First Century London: Hamilton, Adams, S. The People of the Horse London: Allen, S. Etain of the Red Hair: Golden Eagle, [] S. Mondadori, S. Piper, Aus dem Ital.

      Escape to the Wild Wood London: The Pagan King Garden City: A Romance of Roman London London: Oxford UP, S. A Duke of Britain: A Romance of the Fourth Century Edinburgh: Blackwood, S. By the King and Queen: Revell oder Rivington , S. Im Schatten des Kranichs: Under the Hollies London: Bentley, 3 Bde. Tros of Samothrace New York, London: Tros of Samothrace London: One Traveller Returns London: Roman Manchester and thereafter? Curtain of Mist New York: Adventures in Roman Britain Cambridge: Press, 32 S.

      To Spare the Conquered London: Methuen, S. To Spare the Conquered Harmondsworth: To Tell My People London: Holt, Rinehart, Winston, [] S. Under the Eagle London: Macdonald, S. A victim of Henry's seduction and the mother of his son, Ida sees in Roger a chance to begin a new life. But Ida pays an agonizing price when she leaves the king, and as Roger's importance grows and he gains an earldom, their marriage comes under increasing strain. Based on the true story of a royal mistress and the young lord she chose to marry, For the King's Favor is Elizabeth Chadwick at her best.

      He should have known better than to fight with the future King John. Ruthless and feared, John is not one to forget or forgive. But Fulke FitzWarin couldn't help himself, and now the vindictive John has insured that Fulke will never become lord of the castle he loves. Instead of accepting his fate, Fulke rebels. He begins an affair with Maude Walter, the wealthy widow desired by John himself.

      Negotiating a maze of deceit, treachery, and shifting alliances, Fulke's route to success is blocked at every turn.