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Instead, she suggests following your instinct when collecting, and buying something that delights you. Almost any work made in pre-modern times will have gone through some repairs, Hammer notes. Traditionally, Chinese paintings are only taken out and viewed on special occasions, which serves to preserve their condition.

Landscape painting

Otherwise, they are kept in storage. Collectors who choose to frame and display their works continuously should take care to keep them out of direct sunlight.

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Artificial low light and conditions that are not too dry and not too humid are the ideal for keeping a traditional Chinese painting in good shape. For that, Hammer says, it is necessary to go to see paintings in person. From the colour of your outfit to the number of dragons on your coat, how Qing-dynasty clothing told everyone exactly who you were. You may also like Related content. Specialist Margi Gristina advises on how to start a collection. Song ceramics Top tips for collecting Song ceramics, from learning how to identify an original to displaying intricate works.

Chinese robes From the colour of your outfit to the number of dragons on your coat, how Qing-dynasty clothing told everyone exactly who you were. And it's nature that spreads out all around us. And it's not a menacing nature. It's a beautiful, cultivated nature.

Empire: Painted Garden, Villa of Livia (video) | Khan Academy

It's full of playful birds. There's fruit in the trees. There are blossoms everywhere. The artist has used atmospheric perspective, so that the trees and the leaves that are closest to us are rendered more crisply than the vegetation in the background. The only real architecture that's represented is, as you mentioned, a straw fence, perhaps, within something that looks a little bit more substantial, in a pink-gray. The artist has used that outer wall in order to create a subtle rendering of perspective.

And you can see that, as the wall reaches out in a couple of places to enclose trees that are just at the border. So there's a real sense of variety in the plants, in the flowers, in the fruit, in the types of birds that we see, in the positions of the birds-- some with their wings stretched back, some sitting quietly, some in the sky. There's a real search for the variety of nature. My favorite part is on this one tree that is framed by that pinkish-gray wall. The branches move in exactly the haphazard way that a tree grows.

And then there are places where we see light on the leaves and branches and other places where the leaves are in shadow. Using solely concrete - the main material employed in Ando's architecture - steel, glass and wood, the design of the Chichu Art Museum is reduced to the very minimum.

Bosch, Hieronymus

Built almost entirely underground, the museum balances the contradictory qualities of being both non-monumental but highly architectural. Tadao Ando Born in Osaka, Architect and Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo. The cafe overlooks the picturesque scenery of the Inland Sea, and the open patio affords a taste of the great outdoors.

Relaxing in the cafe is a perfect way to end your museum visit. The museum shop attached to the Chichu Art Museum. The Chichu store sells merchandise that bring visitors closer to the museum, including books published by the museum itself, photography collections, and original goods. Not only for glasses, but for use with products such as LCD screens as well. Beyond the celebrated artist, Claude Monet also was a knowledgeable cook. Our original cookies and jam are based on the recipes left behind by the artist.

Particular attention was paid to using ingredients and cooking methods faithful to the artist's lifetime. Chichu Garden consists of nearly kinds of flowers and trees similar to those planted at Giverny by Claude Monet, whose work is in the museum collection.

The Romantic landscape and the first half of the 19th century

Here, visitors can enjoy signs of the seasons throughout the year in flora ranging from the water lilies that Monet painted in his later years to willows, irises, and other plants. The garden affords a tangible experience of the nature Monet sought to capture in his paintings.

Chichu Art Museum

Private tours can be booked by visitors who wish to deepen their experience of the art on display in the museum. Members of the Chichu Art Museum staff guide visitors personally during these tours, offering valuable insight into the art. Reservations are accepted starting two months before the desired date. Reservations are no longer accepted when maximum capacity is reached.