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It says on the package that the steel piece on the Master lock that goes Very cute vintage-looking locks and keys. They were a lot smaller than I thought they would be, but I could have just not read the description. Both the keys and locks felt heavy and like they were great quality. Even non-masters of locks will appreciate this simple, sturdy key lock from Master Four stars because it just works it keeps my things in the gym locker room from being stolen!

I'm looking at you, guy who stole my ratty ten-year old hoody!

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Comes with two keys, perfect for the kind of person who likes to share lock keys with someone else or frequently loses keys to locks. Not recommended for protecting high security facilities or locking ancient evils in crates. My daughter ordered a diary and the lock that came with it broke before she could even use it so I got on here and ordered these and now we have some to spare and they are even cuter than the lock that she originally had to go with the diary.

Since I don't have spare eyes to watch the backpack zippers when I travel, this is the solution. The trick is to line the zipper pulls up as close as possible to each other then use this lock. It helps to have a bit of cable length since they don't all line up in the same area. The weight is negligible, and the item price is more reasonable than the other shopping site that starts with e and ends with Bay. Any deterrent is to your advantage when foiling criminals.

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In stock on December 20, These were perfect for the project I had in mind!! They are fairly small and not heavy duty but cute and serves to purpose. These locks work great. We ordered of them for locker rental purposes and have been very pleased. Each lock gets used multiple times a day and absolutely hold up to the heavy use! You need to do some wiggling but it does eventually unlock. Seriously, for the price, you can't go wrong with this tiny lock. It's small enough for the holes in the zipper on the rucksack I bought it for.

Definitely worth buying if you want to lock a backpack or even luggage. I took a star off because inserting the key can be a little troublesome at times but it's not really a huge deal.

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Overall a good product! Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Very cute little padlocks. They are sturdy and well-made. This type of lock is still currently used today. The lever tumbler lock was greatly improved by Jeremiah Chubb in A burglary in Portsmouth Dockyard prompted the British Government to announce a competition to produce a lock that could be opened only with its own key.

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In , Jeremiah joined his brother Charles in starting their own lock company, Chubb. Chubb made various improvements to his lock: The designs of Barron and Chubb were based on the use of movable levers, but Joseph Bramah , a prolific inventor, developed an alternative method in His lock used a cylindrical key with precise notches along the surface; these moved the metal slides that impeded the turning of the bolt into an exact alignment, allowing the lock to open. The lock was at the limits of the precision manufacturing capabilities of the time and was said by its inventor to be unpickable.

In the same year Bramah started the Bramah Locks company at Piccadilly, and displayed the " Challenge Lock " in the window of his shop from , challenging " The challenge stood for over 67 years until, at the Great Exhibition of , the American locksmith Alfred Charles Hobbs was able to open the lock and, following some argument about the circumstances under which he had opened it, was awarded the prize. Hobbs' attempt required some 51 hours, spread over 16 days.

The earliest patent for a double-acting pin tumbler lock was granted to American physician Abraham O. Stansbury in England in , [10] but the modern version, still in use today, was invented by American Linus Yale, Sr. In , Linus Yale, Jr. Despite some improvement in key design since, the majority of locks today are still variants of the designs invented by Bramah, Chubb and Yale.

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Each locks combination is determined by the off-set of two small wheel-like apparatus. The change in position of the wheels on top of each other creates a unique combination for the lock. A warded lock uses a set of obstructions, or wards, to prevent the lock from opening unless the correct key is inserted. The key has notches or slots that correspond to the obstructions in the lock, allowing it to rotate freely inside the lock. Warded locks are typically reserved for low-security applications as a well-designed skeleton key can successfully open a wide variety of warded locks.

The pin tumbler lock uses a set of pins to prevent the lock from opening unless the correct key is inserted. The key has a series of grooves on either side of the key's blade that limit the type of lock the key can slide into. As the key slides into the lock, the horizontal grooves on the blade align with the wards in the keyway allowing or denying entry to the cylinder. A series of pointed teeth and notches on the blade, called bittings , then allow pins to move up and down until they are in line with the shear line of the inner and outer cylinder, allowing the cylinder or cam to rotate freely and the lock to open.

A wafer tumbler lock is similar to the pin tumbler lock and works on a similar principle. However, unlike the pin lock where each pin consists of two or more pieces each wafer is a single piece. The wafer tumbler lock is often incorrectly referred to as a disc tumbler lock, which uses an entirely different mechanism. The wafer lock is relatively inexpensive to produce and is often used in automobiles and cabinetry.

The disc tumbler lock or Abloy lock is composed of slotted rotating detainer discs. They are considered very secure and almost impossible to pick with standard tools. The lever tumbler lock uses a set of levers to prevent the bolt from moving in the lock. In its simplest form, lifting the tumbler above a certain height will allow the bolt to slide past.

Lever locks are commonly recessed inside wooden doors or on some older forms of padlocks, including fire brigade padlocks. A magnetic keyed lock is a locking mechanism whereby the key utilizes magnets as part of the locking and unlocking mechanism. A magnetic key would use from one to many small magnets oriented so that the North and South poles would equate to a combination to push or pull the lock's internal tumblers thus releasing the lock.

An electronic lock works by means of an electric current and is usually connected to an access control system. In addition to the pin and tumbler used in standard locks, electronic locks connects the bolt or cylinder to a motor within the door using a part called an actuator. Types of electronic locks include the following:. A keycard lock operates with a flat card using the same dimensions as a credit card or US and EU driver's license. In order to open the door, one needs to successfully match the signature within the keycard.

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The lock in a typical remote keyless system operates with a smart key radio transmitter. The lock typically accepts a particular valid code only once, and the smart key transmits a different rolling code every time the button is pressed. Generally the car door can be opened with either a valid code by radio transmission, or with a non-electronic pin tumbler key. The ignition switch may require a transponder car key to both open a pin tumbler lock and also transmit a valid code by radio transmission. A smart lock is an electromechanics lock that gets instructions to lock and unlock the door from an authorized device using a cryptographic key and wireless protocol.

Smart locks have begun to be used more commonly in residential areas, often controlled with smartphones. Locksmithing is a traditional trade, and in most countries requires completion of an apprenticeship. The level of formal education required varies from country to country, from no qualifications required at all in the UK [16] , to a simple training certificate awarded by an employer, to a full diploma from an engineering college.

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Locksmiths may be commercial working out of a storefront , mobile working out of a vehicle , institutional, or investigational forensic locksmiths. They may specialize in one aspect of the skill, such as an automotive lock specialist, a master key system specialist or a safe technician. Many also act as security consultants, but not all security consultants have the skills and knowledge of a locksmith.

Historically, locksmiths constructed or repaired an entire lock, including its constituent parts.

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The rise of cheap mass production has made this less common; the vast majority of locks are repaired through like-for-like replacements, high-security safes and strongboxes being the most common exception. Many locksmiths also work on any existing door hardware, including door closers, hinges, electric strikes, and frame repairs, or service electronic locks by making keys for transponder-equipped vehicles and implementing access control systems. Although the fitting and replacement of keys remains an important part of locksmithing, modern locksmiths are primarily involved in the installation of high quality lock-sets and the design, implementation, and management of keying and key control systems.

Locksmiths are frequently required to determine the level of risk to an individual or institution and then recommend and implement appropriate combinations of equipment and policies to create a "security layer" that exceeds the reasonable gain of an intruder. Key cutting after cutting , the metalworking term for "shaping by removing material" is the primary method of key duplication: After cutting, the new key is deburred: Different key cutting machines are more or less automated, using different milling or grinding equipment, and follow the design of early 20th century key duplicators.

Key duplication is available in many retail hardware stores and as a service of the specialized locksmith, though the correct key blank may not be available. More recently, online services for duplicating keys have become available.